Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Baseball haiku: Play Ball!

Posey's at the plate / Panik's on the run from first /
Belt awaits his turn.

Celebrating Major League Baseball's 
2016 Opening Week
with a series of haiku poems:

Fathers playing catch /
 Tossing the ball back and forth /
With their sons, all's well. 
Peanuts! Cracker Jacks!
The smell of fresh-cut green grass.
Batter up! Play ball!

The crack of the bat ...
Pence looks up to the night sky.
Catches the full moon.

Baseball on the air,
Nine innings of word pictures.
A hungry mind smiles.

Always playing, Pence /
We believe in Hunter Pence /
Pence, always cheerful.
Now pitching: Matt Cain.
Twenty-seven up, all outs.
Matt Cain: A perfect game.

Seventh inning stretch,
We stand, stretch, and sing: Take me
Out to the ball game ...

Long fly ball hit deep,
The crowd rises together ...
"It is OUT-TA here!"

Strike three called; game's over.
Giants win, the Giants win!
Life's good. Let's get even!

Photographs: All photos by Michael Dickens ©2016.

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