Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The pleasure of our gardens, part 20

Calla lily / Zantedeschia aethiopica

The calla lilies at our home are in bloom again. They are suitable for all occasions and I enjoy photographing them to share with my friends in both good times and sad times.

Much to my surprise, a snail had
taken residency next to the spadix
when I photographed this calla lily.
Thanks to recent winter rain showers, at last count there were about two dozen of these perennial calla lilies blooming on the shady east side of our home. It's a pretty sight to behold. And, with spring just around the corner, soon, there will be even more calla lilies in bloom to photograph and enjoy ~ and to share, too.

The calla lily is native to
southern and east Africa and
naturalized in Australia.
If our gardens are a form of autobiography, as the author and gardener Sydney Eddison once suggested, I am happy to say that after owning my home for 13 years, our calla lilies just keep getting more photogenic. They ask for so little and, yet, give us so much in return.

Indeed, as it has been said, a healthy garden is a reflection of a healthy soul.

Photographs of calla lilies by Michael Dickens, copyright 2010 (top photograph) and 2012 (middle and bottom photographs).

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