Sunday, March 20, 2011

2008 Hob Nob: Toasting an enjoyable wine

Hob Nob / 2008 Merlot
On Saturday night, we finished our first bottle of 2008 Hob Nob Merlot.  This dynamic French red from Languedoc-Roussillon, France, made a delightful dinner companion for us during three dinners at home this week.

Last night, our glass of Hob Nob complimented a stay-at-home dinner meal of Pop-Up General Store Ribollita soup (Tuscan bean, bread and kale), Mike the bejkr's Pain Biologique whole grain bread, greens salad with a vinaigrette dressing, fresh California strawberries and a freshly-baked Bakesale Betty chocolate chip cookie.  A friend of mine from Minnesota says Languedoc wines are becoming hip, again.

With a new-found nod to hipness, our Hob Nob provided a soft, but memorable finish to an enjoyable meal ~ and, made staying home out of the rain all the more worthwhile.

I took the time to read the back of the cool, eye-catching label ~ there's always an interesting story to discover ~ and it provided an interesting "backstory" about Hob Nob that's worth sharing:

* HOB NOB pronounced \HAHB-nahb\

* 1.  Origin. 18th Century:  Two people or more drinking to each other ~ through the clinking of glasses and rubbing elbows ~ in toast and celebration.

* 2.  To associate familiarly: chum around.

* 3.  An informal sociable meeting or get together: a gathering/party hybrid.

* 4.  The perfect wine for successfully accomplish all of the above with style.

* Blackcurrant, blackberry, mind and licorice, soft finish.

Further, Hob Nob's website provided this profile for its Merlot:
* Mood ~ Dynamic
* Orientation ~ Marinara sauces, Filet Mignon, roast veal and chocolate
* Character ~ Rich like a black currant cobbler
* Social mastery ~ Favorite chapter is "Crisis"
* Book ~ Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
* Music ~ Miles Davis describes the 2008 Hob Nob Merlot as "rich as a black-currant cobbler," and "screams of ripe plum and blackberry aromas mixed with hints of mint and licorice."

I found it to be a very delightful pour and look forward to enjoying it again, soon.  With an eye-catching label and a budget-affordable price of only $9.99 at Berkeley Bowl West, what's not to love?

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