Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The pleasure of our gardens, part 2

Our iris bed has been bursting with activity as it usually does every April.

I am happy to announce the arrival of the first iris blooms of the season.

This morning, as I departed our house for work, I noticed that three irises had opened up overnight. Each iris looks very splendid in its customary purple and white colors with long green stems.

Judging from these first blooms and those that are blooms-in-waiting, it's going to be a good season for our irises.


  1. Mike, was over at my parents home this evening before heading to the beach. Her Iris is about the same color as yours but not open as of yet. still in the bud stage. My youngest brother , Danny, who is deceased, planted it for her so it holds a special place in her heart when they bloom. He would go through town and grab a few pass alongs along the way. There is a light pole on the corner of Govt street and Washington that he would plant any seed he had gathered in what little dirt that was around the base. It would always be a surprise when the seeds bloomed. Happy Spring to You and Yours! Laurie S.

  2. Laurie ~ Thank you for your kind comment and sharing the special meaning irises hold in your family. The arrival of our irises each year is always very exciting, and once they bloom they add a lot of color to our garden. It's too bad the irises only bloom for a short period of time, but it makes you appreciate the time they share with us each year. Cheers, Mike